The Spartan Learning Academy Uses a Fabrication Lab to Practice Project-Based Learning

The Spartan Learning Academy in Bernalillo, previously known as Bernalillo Middle School, has introduced a significant innovation to its curriculum with the addition of a Fabrication Lab (Fab Lab), greeted upon entry by Pepper the Robot. This transformation, highlighted by Assistant Principal Anthony Jaramillo, aims to revolutionize the middle school experience through project-based learning. The Fab Lab is equipped with advanced technology, including Z-Space computers, active floor mats, drones, vex robotics, a Glowforge printer, a CNC Milling machine, and programming tools for 3D printing, as described by teacher Greg Polanco.

The introduction of the Fab Lab has been met with enthusiasm from students, who find the hands-on, creative environment both fun and educational. It not only enhances the learning experience by allowing for greater creativity and collaboration but also prepares students for future careers by familiarizing them with cutting-edge technologies. The overarching goal, as articulated by Jaramillo, is to equip students with the knowledge and skills for digital responsiveness, ensuring they are prepared for the technological demands of the workplace. The initiative reflects the academy’s commitment to fostering innovation and leadership among its students, with the belief that “the sky is the limit” for their potential. The community is invited to celebrate the grand opening of the Fab Lab, marking a new chapter in the academy’s mission to innovate education.