How to Present/ Share Your Project

A Students presents her project to the class

Sharing is an essential component of the investigation web. Sharing includes communicating to others your plans and progress throughout the investigation, your findings, and your final products. It also includes receiving feedback on what you have communicated. Sharing helps students gain ownership of their investigation, and students learn new information when others share with them.

How can you help students share their project

  • Sharing should occur throughout various stages of the investigation web.
  • Sharing during the project is important because it gives learners valuable feedback on their work
  • Students need to communicate their findings in writing, describing the trends they see in their data
  • Students should use tables, graphs or other visualizations
  • Students should make conclusions about how the data answer the question of the investigation
  • Students can communicate their findings in a variety of formats: reports, posters, newspaper articles, web-based media, documents, and videos.

How To Do It

  • Introduce elementary and middle school students to communication, speaking and presentation skills
  • Teach students how to share their projects
  • Teach students how to transfer hands-on experiences to spoken and written words
  • Use graphic organizers to teach these skills

How to Use AI to Present Your Project

Once students have their final work, they can further use AI to create a presentation based on their project conclusions. Many AI tools can create a presentation based only on a topic. Of course, that will not require student work at all. That is not what I am recommending here. Students can use to input their text, choose the total number of slides, and let do the heavy lifting of transforming the text into visually appealing slides. Once students have a professionally crafted presentation, they can then use a different AI tool to coach them to present their presentation in front of the class. PowerPoint Speaker Coach feature is specifically designed to evaluate various aspects of a presentation, including pacing, pitch, use of filler words, and other common speaking habits. It allows students to practice in private, and the feedback provided can help identify areas for improvement.