Create projects

Collaborate in Real Time

Develop Problem Solving Skills

Ask Questions

Use the questions tool to plan your project with a driving question or formulate questions to brainstorm with peers

Create Projects

Create projects by using mind tools to analyze and problem solve, management tools to plan your work, and social networking tools to collaborate with your peers

Solve Problems

Use easy strategies to construct problem representations that lead to better understanding and retention, across contexts and subject areas


Collaborate on projects with peers in real time, from anywhere

"To understand complex ideas, I believe in the power of modular systems. Modularity allows us to understand complex notions that we may have previously found intimidating, by allowing us to break them down, and build an even more complex idea back up, one building block at a time”

- Ayah Bdeir

21st Century Skills

Use knowledge, understand meanings, recognize relationships and perspectives, and think critically