Pupils at Braehead Primary School Turned Their School Into a Museum

Students at Braehead Primary School engaged in an innovative educational project in which students transformed their school into a museum, following a request from Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. The initiative aimed to inspire more young people and families to visit museums. Students from Primary 1 to 7 participated in a Problem Based Learning (PBL) Project titled “A Day at the Museum,” where they created exhibits ranging from Dinosaurs to World War 2. This project allowed pupils to work in groups, fostering creativity, communication, and collaboration skills through an interdisciplinary approach that included science, literacy, and numeracy.

The school hosted visits from families who enjoyed the exhibits, interactive displays, and guided tours. Pupils also set up an artifact gift shop selling items they made, such as artwork, bookmarks, and fossils. The event received positive feedback from educational officials. Councillor Clare Steel praised the learning opportunity and the enthusiasm of the pupils, while Councillor John Millar highlighted the importance of learning history through visual displays. Anne McFarlane, the school’s headteacher, expressed pride in the staff and students’ efforts, noting the project’s success and the positive atmosphere it created. The school plans to further develop this approach, underscoring the benefits of engaging young people in learning through hands-on projects.