Project Pals Partners with HQPBL

We are very proud to announce that Project Pals has partnered with the Framework for High Quality Project Based Learning (HQPBL). The Buck Institute for Education (BIE) facilitated the development of the Framework for HQPBL with support from the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Preeminent organizations and educators from around the world collaborated for 12 months to co-define the standard for high quality project based learning in an effort to increase equitable access to high quality Project Based Learning for all students. HQPBL is a response to the varying quality of PBL happening in classrooms, and the need for a shared learner-centered vision of how to create deeper learning experiences.

We are honored to join such an esteemed group of partners to help improve the quality of PBL. We are long-time admirers of BIE and of the many organizations and individuals involved in this initiative, and are thrilled that they invited us to join HQPBL as a technology partner.

We firmly believe that platforms designed to manage classroom projects and deeper learning experiences are one of the key ingredients in achieving equitable HQPBL.

Platforms help scale ideas and experiences, and connect like-minded people. Currently, the over-reliance on printed stationary products (poster boards and sticky notes), and general under-utilization of technology to facilitate classroom collaboration and problem solving, has created a situation in which many educators are practicing PBL in a silo. If you’re lucky enough to visit the teacher’s classroom in-person, you can observe the magic and review some of the printed artifacts created, but in 2018, we all know there’s more impactful and scalable ways to collaborate and share with a global audience.

As more teachers use platforms to manage classroom learning experiences, the benefits of centralizing PBL will create powerful opportunities for teachers to connect, learn from each other, collaborate with classrooms around the world on problem solving, and share projects digitally with parents and global audiences.

It is a great honor to be part of the movement and solution to increase access to HQPBL for all!