Lifting Students’ Creativity In India Through Futuristic Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) voice modeling, ChatGPT, bots, and various other AI tools are becoming increasingly prevalent in our lives. Many schools are trying to use these tools to empower their students. Surana High Tech International School in Chennai India is one such educational institution that follows futuristic learning and is on a mission to enhance students’ creativity through futuristic learning. Kiran Merchant, principal of the school, says, “Instead of preventing students from using AI or any other technology, schools must consider ways in which they can teach students to use technology and educate them on ethical practices.”

Kiran also believes that it is important to move away from textbook-focused learning and come up with an approach that is based on real-world context. “Project-based learning, problem-based learning, place-based learning and research-based learning are the few approaches to make learning truly engaging, interesting and meaningful for the students. This encourages students to work with knowledge and become critical and creative thinkers, rather than just consuming knowledge.

Surana High Tech International School is committed to futuristic learning. This approach includes the use of artificial intelligence, bots, and other advanced technologies that help tailor the learning experience to each student’s needs. The curriculum emphasizes practical applications of knowledge, encouraging students to tackle real-world problems. This method aims to foster creativity and critical thinking, preparing students for the complexities of the future.