K-8 Students Contribute to the EarthEcho Water Challenge

Eighth-grade science students from Palm View Florida recently explored Emerson Point Preserve in Palmetto as part of a field trip on February 13th, focusing on environmental impacts and marine biology careers. This outing, sponsored by Minorities In Shark Sciences (MISS), allowed students to engage with Florida Science Standard SC.7.E.6.6 through practical experience, examining human influences on the planet, such as deforestation and water quality, alongside career exploration in marine biology. 

The trip, part of a series of project-based learning activities in collaboration with MISS and EarthEcho, offered students a hands-on look at marine life in the Tampa Bay area and involved them in the EarthEcho Water Challenge. EarthEcho International, founded by Jacques Cousteau’s grandchildren, aims to encourage young individuals to protect water resources, with students contributing data to its website as part of their learning experience. The trip was highlighted by Olympia Baylou, a science teacher at Palm View K-8, acknowledging the positive impact of such educational experiences.