iLEAD and SCVi receive K12 Strong Workforce Grant to Grow Aerospace Pathways

The K12 Strong Workforce Program has awarded an $899,000 grant to iLEAD California, which will be used to expand aerospace education at SCVi Charter School in Castaic, its founding campus. This initiative introduces an aerospace career and technical education (CTE) pathway for high school students (grades 9-12), starting in fall 2024. The program aims to prepare students for high-demand, high-wage aerospace careers by enhancing college access and workforce training. 

SCVi has already integrated aviation and aerospace projects into its curriculum for TK-8th grade students, and the high school pathway will further develop skills and knowledge pertinent to the aerospace industry, a significant sector in the Santa Clarita Valley. Chad Powell, co-director of SCVi, highlighted the school’s commitment to building on its aerospace achievements, emphasizing its innovative approach to education in this field. Since its inception in 2008, SCVi has focused on visual and performing arts and has included aerospace projects in its project-based learning curriculum since 2014. The school has offered students opportunities to learn flight principles, fly gliders, obtain pilot licenses, and participate in experiments conducted on the International Space Station, reinforcing its dedication to preparing students for careers in aerospace.