Finnish Teens Learn and Raise Money for School Trip by Changing Tires

Students at the Sein√§joki Middle School in Finland are taking part in a flexible basic education program known as ‘Jopo,’ which offers ways to learn outside classroom norms. In an effort to boost funding for an upcoming school trip, students used to shovel snow or construct a rubbish bin shed, but this year they are offering motorists to change over to winter tires and many motorists are taking them up on this offer. Students are charging 20 Euros for the service and in return they are also offering the drivers a cup of coffee and a sausage.

Tire changing itself is not an official part of the so-called Jopo (flexible basic education) curriculum, however, undertaking such an effort is something the educators want to encourage because it is a way to get students involved in their classes through practical activities and it increase the students’ participation and cohesion within the school community.