Alpha School Believes That Kids Are Limitless

Alpha School students

Alpha School students’ are presenting their ‘We are helping me’ project

Alpha School in Austin is an innovative educational institution that offers a unique approach to education, emphasizing the empowerment of students to pursue their passions while achieving academic excellence. The school blends advanced technology with a personalized touch, ensuring every child unlocks their full potential. For students, every day is a new adventure in learning where they dive into a world where passion meets purpose. When it comes to test scores, students consistently rank in the top 2% nationally on tests like the MAPs and SATs, but what truly sets them apart is their dedication to exploring their interests and making a meaningful impact outside of academics. Here are five projects that showcase Alpha students’ remarkable achievements:

  1. Cancer and Epigenetics: High school student Grace Price conducted research on epigenetics and cancer prevention, emphasizing the importance of dietary choices. She aims to empower individuals to reduce their cancer risk through informed decisions.

  2. Mental Health Book for Teens: A group of Alpha students created a self-help book for teenagers, “We are Helping Me,” to address the teen mental health crisis. They secured funding for the project and plan to reach struggling teenagers with relatable content.

  3. World-Class Bike Park: Rhett Jones, a passionate mountain biker, raised over $350,000 and is working on building a world-class mountain bike park in Austin. He manages the project and is set to make a significant impact on the local biking scene.

  4. Alpha Capital: Students at Alpha School engaged in a financial literacy project, using artificial intelligence to make profitable trade decisions. They identified opportunities in challenging economic conditions, earning substantial returns on investments.

  5. Harvard MBA-Level Workshop: Level 1 Alpha students participated in an immersive Harvard MBA-level workshop called “Sneaker Sims,” where they learned about value chain analysis and competitive advantage while running virtual shoe companies. One student achieved impressive profits, exceeding the workshop’s test-to-pass mark.

These students’ accomplishments showcase how Alpha School encourages them to unlock their potential and pursue their passions while excelling academically. The school provides an innovative and transformative education that nurtures limitless possibilities for its students.