Academe of the Oaks’ Transformative Project Week

Students constructing a brick oven

Students constructing a brick oven

The innovative educational approach at Academe of the Oaks, high school education transcends traditional methods of textbooks and lectures. Here, students engage deeply with academic subjects like history, language, math, and science through hands-on experiences, promoting both collaborative and individual learning.

Academe’s commitment to experiential learning is exemplified in their annual Project Week. This event breaks the regular academic routine and challenges students to creatively respond to a thematic challenge, with past themes including ‘Beloved Community’ and ‘Reimagining the Public Sphere.’ While teachers provide guidance, the emphasis is on student empowerment and creativity.

A recent Project Week themed ‘Catalyst,’ inspired diverse projects like constructing a brick oven and creating a Rube Goldberg machine. This week showcases students’ abilities in leadership, collaboration, and project management, marking it as a significant educational experience.

Academe blends classical education with modern elements, focusing on challenge, innovation, and college preparedness. Interdisciplinary and project-based learning approaches add vitality to academic subjects, encouraging students to create and deepen their understanding beyond textbooks.

The curriculum at Academe involves real and unique projects, not just formulaic exercises. These projects are integrated into the curriculum, equipping students with life skills and preparing them for future complexities.

Academe’s approach is not one-size-fits-all; it involves challenging projects directly linked to the curriculum. This method focuses on nurturing creativity and innovation, preparing students for an uncertain future. Project Week exemplifies this approach, demonstrating the school’s commitment to fostering adaptable, forward-thinking individuals.

Academe of the Oaks is an institution where project-based learning brings academic subjects to life, preparing students for higher education and the evolving world with a focus on creativity, collaboration, and real-world applicability.