Students working on project

A Colorado District’s Project-Based Learning Exhibition

The Mancos RE-6 School District in Colorado is set to host a spring exhibition on April 26 at the Performing Arts Center, showcasing students’ project-based learning (PBL) projects from the second semester. The exact time of the event is yet to be announced. Organized in collaboration with the winter 2023 celebration of learning, this exhibition will feature work from students across all grades. 

Adyan Farrar, Mancos PBL director and instructional coach, emphasizes that this event reflects the school’s commitment to offering students an engaging, high-quality education through hands-on, real-world activities. Mancos schools’ project-based learning system is “founded on the principle that we learn better when we are engaged in challenging, real-world activities in which we have a choice and a voice, when we are given chances to seek out and use constructive feedback, when we revise our thinking and reflect on our learning and when we are able to make our work public,” Farrar said. 

While the exhibition currently relies heavily on teacher-driven presentations, there are plans to increase student involvement and autonomy in the future. Attendees will have the opportunity to view projects at various stages of completion, offering insight into the students’ learning processes. The event, coinciding with the Mancos High School track meet, hopes to attract significant community and parent attendance, building on the success of previous events.