The Studio School: An Alternative To Mainstream Schooling

The Studio School in Perth Australia, is rethinking education as we know it. As the world continues to change and progress, they felt that they had to ensure that students thrive – not just survive – in their education and in today’s world. Compared with a mainstream, traditional schooling system, The Studio School (TSS) represents a much more personalized and hands-on approach to education. TSS provides a studio model that sees students combining their studies with real-world projects and engagements.

This studio model is focused on the individual and the personalizing of pathways, offering young people the opportunity to add value to their communities by celebrating their differences and diversity. These pathways are adapted to each student’s unique interests and abilities, by supporting them to achieve their learning goals and aspirations and by experiencing education as a seamless transition into tertiary learning and the world of work.

Students use project-based learning – a teaching and learning method where they learn not only from textbooks or didactic teaching but also by engaging in projects in the real world, posing and solving real problems and complex questions. There are as many pathways at TSS as there are students, with pathways co-designed with students and a range of negotiated projects and engagements with business, industry and community.

The campus is a collaborative, contemporary and creative co-working space, where students attend tutorials, access support and work collaboratively and independently. TSS students are empowered to be independent and take increasing responsibility for their learning and other commitments. Students at TSS learn from mentors in relevant industries who have real world skills and connections. TSS teachers, students also learn on the job by being immersed in the community and from experiencing firsthand. The nature of TSS means there are many opportunities for collaboration with fellow TSS students and learning from like-minded peers. The Studio School enables students to experience learning as connected to the real world – authentic and purposeful.