Project Pals, Inc. Awarded 2020 Selection for Learning by Common Sense Education

LA-based EdTech Startup Receives Glowing Review from Leading Education Resource


After months of rigorous testing, Project Pals was awarded an overall rating of four stars by instructional technology facilitator Marianne Rogowski in September. Rogowski, who possesses a masters in Educational Media and Instructional Technology, describes Project Pals as a “unique project-based learning tool” where “students can explore content and demonstrate learning in authentic, empowering ways that require critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.” Infusing instruction with these essential 21st century skills is key to preparing students for success in an unknown future.

Rogowski also praises Project Pals for placing students in the driver’s seat of their own learning and steering them toward tackling today’s biggest issues, noting “The workspace is set up to get students asking questions, gathering research, sharing media, and writing about the complicated issues we face in our world, putting them in an active learning mode that encourages inquiry and problem-solving.” Students tackle projects on the platform that improve their community and beyond, like designing a local park or exploring climate change.

“As a company that sets its mission to make high quality project-based learning accessible for all students, we are very proud to be named as one of the Common Sense Selections for Learning” says Project Pals CEO and founder Miriam Bogler.

About Project Pals: Project Pals, Inc. is an innovative project-based learning platform devoted to creating lifelong learners out of collaborative classrooms. Founded in 2015 by Miriam Bogler, an EdTech specialist with over three decades of experience in deep learning, Project Pals seeks to empower students and educators alike with powerful project design and management tools. For more information, visit, or connect with their profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube