Project Pals Closing Software, Offering New Services

LOS ANGELES, Calif., (Sep. 2022) — After four years of supporting project-based learning (PBL) with schools and students worldwide, the Project Pals application is shutting its doors. The online software solution facilitated millions of project collaborations between students across eight countries.

Despite continual praise from users and critics alike—including 2020 Common Sense Selection for Learning and 2021 Tech & Learning Best Tool for Back to School—the true market of PBL adoption was simply too small to sustain operations. Instead of only selling PBL software, Project Pals had to first sell schools on PBL—a student-centered pedagogy in direct conflict with the status quo:

“In essence, successful project-based learning implementation requires the type of learning reform that many schools don’t have the time and resources to take on,” explains founder and CEO Miriam Bogler. School budget cuts and the pandemic also played a factor in the difficult decision to shut down the software application.

As more research mounts proving the positive impacts of PBL, Project Pals remains committed to providing resources and support to educators interested in adopting this practice. In the coming months, the Project Pals site will transform into a PBL hub with blog posts, lesson plans, professional development courses and more available for purchase.

“This application has been a true labor of love and we made the decision to close with a heavy heart,” reflects Bogler. “Thank you for being part of our journey, and we hope that you’ll follow us in our new venture.”

About Project Pals: Project Pals, formerly an award-winning PBL companion software, provides resources and support to schools for project-based learning and

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