Use the Google Arts and Culture Resources to Plan Amazing Projects

Google helps students and teachers bring learning to life through its Arts & Culture content and tools. Students can learn science with superheroes, walk with dinosaurs, discover the extreme planet, walk into a painting and more.

Teachers can create a gallery of favorite images and structure their own lesson plans. Students can also create a collection of their favorite art pieces. Google’s street views allows students to take a virtual field trip to ancient Rome or other places. Students can bring the trip indoors and explore over 50 dedicated museums with guided annotations available to tour using the museum view function.

Students can travel to real-life literary locations that inspired everyone’s favorite books, from Harry Potter to Hemingway. Delve into music by watching video content explaining different music styles.

History can be brought to life by watching historic moments that mattered, such as the March on Washington. Students can also discover the future by learning about artificial intelligence or use augmented reality to delve all the way back to the beginning of life itself: The Big Bang.

Students can use interactive learning tools to click-and-drag and deep-dive into the world of the sea dragon. They can also use the art selfie on their phone to discover their art history doppelganger. In art they can also use the Art Transfer tool to project art onto the world around them.

These are just a few of a plethora of learning resources that can transfer students into worlds that would have been impossible to view or experience without this digital collection. Teachers can either rely on the lesson plans they provide or create their own lesson plans while using this rich collection of resources for bringing their lesson plans to life.