The Education Creativity Center in Cyprus launches Nerd Hub

The Education Creativity Center (ECC) in Cyprus has announced the launch of a new project called “Nerd Hub.” Nerd Hub is a learning environment designed for children to explore their interests and expand their creativity, knowledge, and skills through weekly workshops. The program caters to students aged 6 to 15 and offers afterschool workshops focusing on digital and media literacy, coding, web design, and more.

The workshops at Nerd Hub cover a wide range of topics, including Minecraft Education, video, audio, and image editing, as well as web design. The Minecraft Education Workshop promotes creativity, collaboration, and coding skills through project-based learning. The Hypermedia Workshop focuses on developing technological skills such as editing and web design, with an emphasis on real-life application. Additionally, Nerd Hub offers a Harry Potter Literary and Recreational workshop where students can enhance their literacy skills, engage in STEAM activities, and participate in arts and crafts projects inspired by the Harry Potter books.

Nerd Hub also provides enrichment programs for students who excel beyond their curriculum. These programs involve a placement test, a meeting with an educational consultant, and an interview with the child. The workshops are held twice a week, offering flexibility for families to choose the best time for their child to participate.