Premier Arts Academy students gather around a table to tie-dye tee-shirts. The school integrates arts into its everyday curriculum. (WSBT Photo)

Premier Arts Academy in Elkhart Shows Its Unique Curriculum is Working

Premier Arts Academy in Elkhart has completed its first full school year and is planning for its second year with an increasing student population and expanded facilities. The public charter school integrates arts into its curriculum, combining it with challenge-based learning and daily small group instruction.

Parents like Emily Everett appreciate the school’s approach, which has boosted her children’s self-esteem through arts and project-based learning. Premier Arts Academy serves Kindergarten through 6th grade and is expanding to include 7th grade next year and 8th grade in 2025-26.

The school, operated by Premier Arts and authorized by Ball State University, has seen rapid growth, with enrollment increasing from an initial target of 150 students to 200 currently, and 300 expected next year. To accommodate this growth, the school is building an annex for additional classrooms, ready by August 15th.

Head of School Ashley Molyneaux notes that the arts-integrated curriculum has been effective in engaging students and enhancing their learning. Assessment data shows significant student growth, with all 3rd graders passing the state reading test. Molyneaux emphasizes the importance of creating an environment where students are excited to learn, which has been a key factor in the school’s success.

Despite challenges like a high percentage of students from low-income families, Premier Arts Academy continues to focus on fostering a positive and inclusive school culture, anticipating further academic achievements through its unique educational model.