Podcasting for learning

How Podcasting For Learning Solves the Problem of Screen Time

Podcasting is revitalizing audio entertainment, especially for children, as an alternative to screens and social media. The medium has seen significant growth, with the listener base for children’s podcasts increasing by 20% between 2019 and 2021. Big media companies like Netflix and Amazon are entering this space to meet the rising demand.

Podcasts offer a screen-free, engaging way for kids to enjoy stories and learn. Parents, concerned about screen time, turned to podcasts during the pandemic, and many kids continue to listen because they find them enjoyable. Podcasting pioneers like Guy Raz, founder of the children’s podcast studio Tinkercast, emphasize the medium’s creative potential and cognitive benefits, as audio storytelling stimulates imagination and creativity.

Educational podcasts like “Wow in the World” combine fun narratives with serious science, promoting learning without overloading children’s working memory. Teachers are increasingly incorporating podcasts into their classrooms to make learning more engaging and personalized. Studios like Tinkercast support this by developing curriculum-aligned lessons that encourage project-based learning.

While podcasts won’t completely solve the screen time issue, they offer a valuable tool for fostering a love of learning and reducing reliance on screens. The rise of other screenless learning tools, such as the ToyBot by SayKid, further supports this trend towards innovative, healthy educational alternatives.