High School Seniors Research Solutions to Issues That Impact Their Learning and Community

The 3rd Annual “Leaders of Change” program showcased impressive achievements. This six-week, paid leadership development initiative is designed for incoming seniors at Clover Park High School. It involves project-based learning, where students research solutions to issues affecting their education and community. Their goal is to implement these solutions within the school culture over the year.

The participating students brought forward innovative ideas to enhance their school environment. These ideas included placing ballot boxes in all district schools for better access, diversifying student nutrition to reflect different cultures, and improving access to mental health support. The students presented their ideas to a notable audience, including families, the Superintendent, district and school staff, and community leaders.

As the school year commences, the students will put their ideas into action, aiming to bring about positive and lasting change at Clover Park High School. The collaboration between the Clover Park School District and the “Leaders of Change” program is seen as instrumental in achieving these goals.