Farm to school initiative

Expanding Farm to School Initiatives in Mapleton School District

The Mapleton School District has been selected to participate in the 2024-25 K-12 Farm to School Institute, a year-long program aimed at expanding farm to school initiatives. The district will develop a comprehensive Farm to School Action Plan with input from the community.

Superintendent Sue Wilson expressed excitement about enhancing their existing gardening program, emphasizing the importance of connecting students to fresh, local foods and providing hands-on learning experiences. The district started a gardening project-based learning program in 2022-2023, where students learned about plant companions, time management, and hard work.

Over the next few months, the farm to school team will gather input from students, families, school staff, and the community to shape the program’s goals and activities, ensuring it reflects the community’s priorities. The program aims to increase the procurement of locally-grown foods for cafeterias, integrate food education into the curriculum, and develop partnerships with local farms and food organizations.

The Farm to School Institute will provide coaching, training, and collaboration opportunities for teams from ten districts. Mapleton’s participation highlights its commitment to innovative educational experiences, preparing students for success while promoting healthier lifestyles. The Farm to School Action Plan will further this vision by nourishing both minds and bodies.