A sixth grade STEM class at Baker Middle school

Corpus Christi ISD Continues Project-Based Learning Model For Summer School

Corpus Christi ISD’s 2024 summer programs aim to help students who didn’t meet grade-level expectations and those needing extra support by using project-based learning and enrichment activities. The goal is to reduce achievement gaps and better prepare students for the upcoming school year.

Recent summer programs have shown success, particularly in reading, and high levels of satisfaction among teachers. In 2023, high school students earned over 1,800 credits during summer, exceeding the previous year’s totals despite lower enrollment. Middle school students showed significant reading and math growth, though younger students struggled more with math, attributed to lingering COVID learning gaps.

This year’s program, running from June 10 to July 11, includes: Elementary Bridge and Bridge+ program for pre-K to 5th grade at 12 campuses.Middle school project-based learning in humanities and STEM at Adkins, Haas, Browne, Baker, Driscoll, and Cunningham at South Park.High school credit recovery and EOC prep courses at Moody High School, with a project-based learning option for some students.The program seeks to foster a love of learning and provide critical skills development, with credit acceleration courses available for those looking to advance.