Colorado Students Explore Project-Based Learning By Collaborating With A Business

Students from Salida High School visited Verotouch, a business in Buena Vista, to engage in hands-on learning and explore potential career paths in construction and engineering. During their visit, they constructed sawhorses and delved into the company’s automation, printing systems, and operational processes. Verotouch, co-founded by CEO Grant Hamel, actively collaborates with local schools and employs student associates to integrate real project-based learning experiences.

Felix Heeter, a student associate from Salida High School, shared his unique internship experience at Verotouch, highlighting his involvement in various aspects of the business, such as marketing and software development for enterprise resource planning. Heeter emphasized the value of the professional experience gained, comparing a single day of internship to a month of school learning.

Grant Hamel articulated the company’s commitment to education and community impact, viewing work as a vital part of life and a means to inspire and educate future generations. He advocates for businesses to play a more active role in shaping the workforce of tomorrow by offering meaningful learning opportunities that extend beyond conventional job roles.