Bangladesh Learning project for Secondary Level Adopted to Prevent Dengue

The Education Minister of Bangladesh has issued a circular instructing all secondary-level educational institutions to implement a project aimed at raising awareness about dengue and promoting its prevention. The directive, published by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, outlines that the project intends to equip students with skills to actively contribute to dengue prevention efforts.

The project targets students from Classes VI to X and is set to be executed between August 31 and October 31 of this year. This initiative comes in response to the severe dengue outbreak the country is currently facing. As of the latest report, the country has experienced a significant number of dengue-related deaths and infections.

The circular has been issued to the heads of all secondary-level educational institutions. The Directorate has designed a project-based learning program to educate secondary-level students about the disease, its treatment, and preventive measures. The implementation of the project involves organizing meetings at different levels, engaging regional directors, deputy directors, district education officers, and academic supervisors.

The project will be monitored by various educational authorities across regions. Students will work in groups, sharing their knowledge, ideas, and creating visual materials like posters. They will also participate in cleaning activities, maintain safe environments, and provide follow-up reports. The project’s integration into the curriculum varies by grade level, with students in Classes VI and VII incorporating it into history and social science, while Classes VIII to X consider it a part of continuous assessment. The initiative has been developed under the special education branch of the Directorate.