Alex Green Students Create Calming Apps to Support The Well-Being Of Their Peers And Teachers

Students at Alex Green Design Technology Magnet Elementary have developed calming apps aimed at supporting the well-being of their peers and teachers. This project, guided by fifth-grade teacher Anthony Madison, involved the students in every phase of app creation, from problem identification to final product presentation.

The students used a variety of technology tools like Keynote, Pages, and Swift Playground, and they were educated on design principles through a course on Canva. Throughout the project, they received continuous feedback, which they used to refine their apps, making them more user-friendly and accessible, even for younger audiences who might not be able to read yet.

The project culminated in a presentation event where students showcased their apps to community partners and parents, receiving direct feedback. The process was both challenging and rewarding, teaching them valuable skills in technology, problem-solving, and creativity. It also helped in enhancing their social-emotional learning, and overall, it boosted their confidence and self-expression. The success of the project highlighted the effectiveness and value of project-based learning in developing practical skills and fostering personal growth among students.